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Rickie Fowler’s 90-minute warm-up plan for golf

The prior minutes you jump start are urgent. Spend them shrewdly and you'll be terminating on all barrels from the off, waste them and the entire round will be a battle. Obviously, get ready legitimately requires time and we comprehend that very few novices have enough extra to dedicate a hour and a half to warming up as Rickie Fowler does. Don't forget to get the best golf umbrella with you in sunny weather.

In any case, it doesn't make a difference whether you have a hour or only 10 minutes there are some key rule that Rickie applies here that you can take after. We followed Rickie's developments from the minute he touched base at the range 90 minutes before his tee time. Here is Rickie Fowler's hour and a half warm-up plan for golf – it helps him get ready for competition golf and it could help you as well.

8.40 Arrives

Makes a couple of straightforward wrist and abdominal area extends while visiting to his mentor and caddie.

8.44 Wedge shots

Begins with ½ shots and gradually develops the power. In the wake of hitting 5 balls he achieves full wedge power and separation.

9-press shots

Lays arrangement stick down and a bit of swing way work with his mentor, Claude Harmon – he is chipping away at keeping shoulders behind the ball in transit down.

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Through the sack

Works up through the sack however does not hit more than five shots with each club. Takes standard breaks to converse with players/mentor/caddie. Rickie Fowler's hour and a half warm-up plan for golf is a ponder procedure, one that stores vitality.

Ball Flights

The ball flight and shape doesn't change as he hits distinctive shots. He is not hitting punches or blurs; each flight is around a 5-yard draw. Not every one of the shots are struck splendidly but rather it doesn't appear to trouble him. He is quite recently attempting to figure out his swing.

Pre-shot schedule

Rickie has a checkpoint in his takeaway that he utilizes as a major aspect of his pre-shot schedule. He utilizes this on each and every shot through the warm-up and this is a method for scoring this procedure to help him amid competition play.

9.07 Fairway woods

Expels arrangement stick. He keeps a similar shot shape even up to his fairway woods and his musicality appears not to change.

Driver work

Opposes the enticement to hit more than five shots with his driver. He has achieved full power and each gave remains a think procedure.

9.15 Finishes in length diversion warm-up

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